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If you are one of those who are aware of the latest news, you must have already read it: European Union has declared global climate emergency. That’s because, wherever we look, we are generators and responsible for the emission of CO2 (or carbone dioxide) and greenhouse gases. While it is true that just by breathing we exhale this compound, until the present day the means of transport are the most responsible for the emission of CO2.

Because of this, under the COP25, the activist Greta Thunberg decided once more to cross the Atlantic by sailboat, this time to be able to arrive from Virginia, USA, to Madrid after more than two weeks. But the question is: how can we travel in a sustainable way and reduce our carbon footprint if we are not Greta Thunberg? Take note.

How to reduce your carbon footprint while travelling:

  • 1. For short, medium or long distance trips, go for alternative means of transport. Choose your bike to get reach a nearby destination, and also for adding some exercise to your daily routine. If you are planning to go to a further destination, we have the solution: take the subway or the train! The emission of gases is much lower than going by car. in addition to reducing CO2, you will contribute to the reduction of traffic jams and have a positive impact on your health.
  • 2. In case that your trip is by plane, we recommend you to use online pages to check which are the most environmentally friendly airlines, such as Atmosfair Airline Index. Also, you can know the impact of your carbon footprint if you enter here https://flygrn.com/
  • 3. Group tourist destinations that are similar or nearby, instead of making a round trip to the same place.
  • 4 Take direct flights instead of taking intermediate connections.
  • 5. Travel in economy class. It is a fact that the more weight an airplane has, the more fuel it needs. So, when you choose this kind of trip, you say goodbye to many extras that are not necessary… besides saving money
  • 6. Calculate how much CO2 you emit during your trip and compensate for reforestation or avoided deforestation projects such as www.ceroco2.org
  • 7. Practice Slow Travel. This movement focuses on touring the world in search of travel experiences, rather than the number of countries visited. That is, seek to connect with people, immerse yourself in their customs, and take the time to  observe and enjoy the day to day with peace.

And remember: the ravages of climate change are growing, and they seem to move at a rapid pace. But we ourselves are who can take charge of the situation, and begin to choose more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives. If Greta Thunberg with only 16 years could do it, why not us?

Learn more about how we manage our carbon footprint here.

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