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If 1.38 billion mobile phones were sold in the world in 2020, how many will there be when the decade ends?

We live in a world wherein in order to be trendy we should buy the latest mobile phone, this creates overconsumption of devices and consequent waste that ends up in landfills, increasing pollution. This is why we propose a sustainable alternative when buying a mobile phone: online stores for refurbished mobile phones.

But wait a minute… Is refurbished the same as second-hand?  Well, not exactly, they are two similar concepts but with important differences. Neither of them are completely new. Second-hand mobiles have been used by a private individual until they are offered for sale in the condition they are in. On the other hand, before selling a refurbished mobile phone, its condition is analysed and it is fully maintained.

Refurbished or reconditioned are terms that, broadly, define a product that has been given a new life; refurbished mobile phones offer the same quality on memory capacity, camera, battery, screen definition as a new phone, but, of course, are priced more affordably.

Below, a list of the best online stores taking into account the following criteria:

Return policy
Payment options

Here we go!


How much does a refurbished iPhone 8 cost?

The iPhone 8 64GB, sold at around 490€ brand new, will be used as a benchmark for comparison. Remember to protect your refurbished mobile phones with a case.And if you are looking for a sustainable mobile phone case, following the philosophy of your reconditioned phone… take a look at our website!


1. Back Market, our favorite pick

First, we have Back Market, a French marketplace specializing in mobile phones but they sell other electronics too. With a 4.53 / 5 rating on Trusted Shops, all products and suppliers are certified with the “back label” quality standard, monitored with constant audits, and include a 30-day return policy and a 12-month extendable warranty.

The price for the iPhone 8 64GB ranges from 180€ up to 250€; the exterior appearance is classified into Stallone, Correct, Good Condition, Very Good, and Impeccable categories.

Buy a refurbished iPhone 8 in Back Market 


2. reBuy, the best for electronic devices

Another option is reBuy, a German company that offers a great selection of reconditioned products ranging from mobile phones to game consoles. With a 4.3 / 5 rating on Trust Pilot, all purchases come with a 36-month warranty and are certified by an overhaul process featuring 49 expert verified checkpoints.

At reBuy, an iPhone 8 64GB is sold between the range of 231,99€ to 299€ and belongs to a category such as Fair, Good, Very Good, Like New.

Buy Apple iPhone 8 64GB space gray refurbished in reBuy 


3. Ciclo Zero, local mobile phones

We continue with Ciclo Zero, a Spanish company that recently launched its own marketplace specialized in Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. Mobiles are certified by a 32 point system operated by qualified technicians and software; they include a 12-month extendable guarantee and a 30-day return period.

At Ciclo Zero prices for the 64GB iPhone 8 range from 169€ to 200€, the exterior appearance is classified into Eco, Very Good, and Impeccable.

Buy iPhone 8 64GB secondhand reconditioned in CicloZero


Final thoughts

To support the transition, Eurefas – European Refurbishment Association was founded with the aim of creating a powerful European reconditioning industry. This association is committed to and promotes the circular economy in order to build an increasingly sustainable society and to be able to maintain the limited resources of our planet.

“The world market for second-hand smartphone shipments is expected to increase from USD 27 billion in 2019 to USD 67 billion in 2023 according to IDC (International Data Corporation) with 332.9 million units shipped worldwide”

As consumers, we must rewrite the concept of “single use” where objects are discarded after they have fulfilled their intended use. In this case, refurbished mobile phones represent an opportunity to start building a real and effective circular economy system. Are you joining the future? 😊



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Images from Unsplash; (1 -2) Photo by Aleksander Vlad on Unsplash (3) Photo by Nicolas Messifet on Unsplash

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