LOVE 360

​​L​OVE makes the world turn

LOVE 360 is a space of collective creation that uses the force of love as raw material to create ART. ​​We invited young talented artists, students of the Illustration Postgraduate Course of EINA, (University Center of Design and Art of Barcelona), to express their particular vision of love. More than 1.500 people voted and these are the final works selected:

Body Positive
Body Positive
silly oxytocins
You silly little oxytocins
Freie Liebe
Freie Liebe
kiss me, kiss me
Kiss me, Kiss me
Reading together
Reading together
in the clouds
in the clouds
Pure Love
Pure Love
Love with 6 legs
Love with 6 legs
Hug Time
Hug Time
Sea Horses
Sea Horses

This is a short list of the impressive work presented by the students, to whom we cannot be more grateful for the love they have put into it. These finalist illustrations will become a POPSICASE and will be available very soon. We also reserve the right to publish the rest of the works them again for our enjoyment and further production.

Thank you for your art!

Thank you for voting

"Kiss me, Kiss me"
"Kissing Days"
"Body Positive"
"Sea Horses"
"Freie Liebe"
"Inner Garden"
"Love with 6 legs"
"In the clouds"
"Read together"
"Love DNA"
"Pure Love"
"Dance til' the end"
"Tree Hugger"
"Love yourself"
"Skate & Music & Love"
"Sensual Nature"
"Hug time"
"Love after love"
"Waiting for your visit"
"Love Particule"
"Waiting for you to come"

​Who are the artists?

All these amazing works have been made by students of the Illustration Postgraduate Course of EINA, (University Center of Design and Art of Barcelona) whose professor is the prestigious artist Philip Stanton.

The artists are ​Antonia Alarcón, Pilar Alvez, Magdalena Arcieri, Guillem Arderius, Mazatzin Armenta, Pamela Calero, Natalia Camacho, Francisca Cárcamo, Nayudell Castro, Juan Garzón, Malena Guerrero, Maryna Kizilova, Paula Lozano, Laurianne Macron, Clara Monera, Mauricio Pandzic, Victoria Pérez, Marcela Perrone, María Queraltó, Edgar Ramírez, Alba Sentis, Loreto Sepúlveda, Cecilia Torán, María Vendrell and Isabel Zuluaga.​

CASE MADE from fishing nets

​Who we are?

POPSICASE is a company that makes phone cases from old fishing nets used in the Mediterranean Sea. We believe that common sense must be the tool to make the world turn, so that is why we work with Circular Economy, we compensate CO2 emissions, we support social initiatives, and we work focused in the Sustainable Developement Goals of 2030.​