BArcelona x Stanton

Barcelona x Stanton Limited Edition

The artist Philip Stanton brings the incredible architecture of the city of Barcelona into your hands. Exclusive designs for our recycled iPhone cases that represent the colours and shades that can be seen in our city from dawn to dusk.

Philip Stanton

Philip Stanton, the artist in love with Barcelona

Philip Stanton, is an American creative director, illustrator, designer, university professor and visual artist, based in Barcelona since 1988. Stanton fell in love with the city more than thirty years ago and found it to be the perfect mix: it is big but not that big, it has sea and also mountains, it attracts people to escape to wonderful places, it gives off creativity and above all: it inspires.


In Barcelona, a thousand people sleep in the streets every night. Barcelona x Stanton collaborates with Fundació Arrels, an entity that has been accompanying and offering useful services to homeless people for more than 30 years.

phone case made from fishing nets

Made from discarded fishing nets

Fishing nets are constantly being renewed. Until very recently these nets, mostly made from nylon, were thrown into garbage containers and treated as waste, increasing the contamination of our land and seas. Thanks to the collaboration of people like the Fisherman’s Guild, these nets are now being collected for your eco-friendly selfie case POPSICASE, which means less pollution and less waste.