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Choose your sustainable Phone case

Our sustainable iPhone cases are aimed at a real circular economy and at reducing our ecological footprint as much as possible.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Reduce CO2 by sharing shipping! Buy 2 POPSICASE and get a 50% in the second one with the code REDUCECO2

Biodegradable phone cases shop

Discover POPSICASE is a biodegradable iPhone case made from a material that can be degraded by microorganisms within a year, and returns to nature in a real sense; its atoms are part of the carbon cycle of the earth's ecology.

100% recycled, made with fishing nets, and inspired in the Mediterranean Sea, that help you hold your iPhone and make it easier to use it in any situation of your daily life.

Barcelona phone cases! The artist Philip Stanton brings the incredible architecture of the city of Barcelona into your hands. Exclusive designs for our recycled iPhone cases that represent the colours and shades that can be seen in our city from dawn to dusk.

Turtles under the sea

Every day thousands of LOVE STORIES between incredible living beings happen in the profundity of the oceans. Let’s keep them alive together with the sustainable phone cases from Love under the Sea Collection. Supporting NGO Mission Blue Sylvia Earle Alliance.

LOVE 360 is a space of collective creation that uses the force of love as raw material to create ART by talented artists. ​​And we turn them into beautiful POPSICASE sustainable phone cases. Supporting talented young artists.

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