Eco-friendly iPhone cases
made from fishing nets.

iPhone cases are created from fishing nets, supporting the only possible sustainable system our planet can support: the CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

We manufacture recycled phone cases in Barcelona with LOVE ❤️ and we work with extraordinary artists. Visit all our collections!

Textures of the Earth collection

It depicts some of Earth’s many beautiful nuances and it is a call to action for us to take care of it together.

Inspired by the work of the photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand.
Barcelona x Stanton Collection

The artist Philip Stanton brings the incredible architecture of the city of Barcelona into your hands.

Designed by Philip Stanton
discover posidonia

Coloured iPhone cases that show the secrets of the most important and threatened species in the world.

100% biodegradable cover
love 360

LOVE 360 is a space of collective creation that uses the force of love as raw material to create ART.

Designed by talented artists for the EINA, University of Arts in Barcelona.
love stories

🐟 Every day thousands of LOVE STORIES happen in the profundity of the oceans. Let’s keep them alive!

Designed by Rena Ortega

The world’s handiest phone case, 100% recycled and inspired in the Mediterranan Sea. What else?

POPSICASE with handle is internationally patented

What our Customers say:

phone case made from fishing nets

2 meters²  of fishing nets = 1 recycled phone case

Every POPSICASE is made with 50 g of discarded fishing nets and 20 g of scrap aluminium. The good news is that the resultant material can also be recycled again in a truly Circular Economy Process.

POPSICASE is made with recycled fishing nets

Made from FISHING nets

no emissions

We compensate CO2 emissions

Made with LOVE in Barcelona

Made with LOVE in Barcelona

Phone case with Social Print



POPSICASE is made from discarded fishing nets from the Mediterranean Sea and scrap aluminium.

Learn more about the process


We can collect used cases and reusing all the material to make new ones.

Learn how we do it!


We manufacture and design POPSICASE in Barcelona, ​​keeping our ecological footprint as low as possible.

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Using a phone with just one hand can be a challenge.
Our handle makes it easy.

What makes POPSICASE the world’s handiest phone case?

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