More than an eco-friendly phone case

Phone cases made from fishing nets.

POPSICASE is made with recycled fishing nets

Made from FISHING nets

no emissions

We compensate CO2 emissions

Made with LOVE in Barcelona

Made with LOVE in Barcelona

Phone case with Social Print

We support SOCIAL projects

With or without handle?

recycled phone case

POPSICASE (with handle)

Available models: iPhone 6, iPhone 6S-7-8
iPhone 6Plus, iPhone 7 Plus,  iPhone 8 Plus

case made wih fishing nets

Naked POPSICASE (without handle)

Available models: iPhone 6, iPhone 6S-7-8
iPhone 6Plus, iPhone 7 Plus,  iPhone 8 Plus, Iphone X-XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XSMax, iPhone 11, iphone 11Pro, iPhone 11Pro Max


Clean Shipping

We compensate CO2 emissions


Humans behind

Support before, during and after the purchase


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15 days return and secure payment


Free shipping

for all order over 25€

Love under the Sea

Love under the Sea is the POPSICASE Collection where Oceans Conservancy, Art and Circular Economy come together.

Visit the Collection


POPSICASE is made from discarded fishing nets from the Mediterranean Sea and scrap aluminium.

Learn more about the process


Using a phone with just one hand can be a challenge. Our handle makes it easy.

What makes POPSICASE the world’s handiest phone case?


POPSICASE is designed and made in Barcelona, keeping our ecological footprint as low as possible. 

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The world’s handiest phone cases made from fishing nets.

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Mediterranean Collection
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love stories

A case with a handle is a simple, but revolutionary innovation

POPSICASE is a globally-patented invention that is unique in the world.

With the folding handle, POPSICASE becomes a conventional iPhone case that lets you keep your smartphone safe just like any other case. However, when you need more safety and balance, simply slide the handle out, hold it, and maneuver the iPhone better.