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POPSICASE is made from abandoned fishing nets and scrap aluminium, contributing to reduce the waste on our seas and on our land. And it can also be recycled again!


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Holding a POPSICASE is like having a piece of the Mediterranean Sea in your hand

Circular economy for phone cases

Holding a POPSICASE is like having a piece of the Mediterranean Sea in your hand

Turtle trapped in fishing nets, a consequence of the plastic pollution of our oceans.

640,000 tons (1.28 billion pounds) of fishing gear left in the ocean each year killing an average of 1000 whales, seals, turtles and birds every day.

  • Source: World animal Protection
  • Photo: Francis Pérez, World Press Photo Award 2017
Fishing nets to be recycled

Fortunately, many fishermen from different Mediterranean ports, who are sensitive to this problem, take care of their nets and leave them in containers to be specially recycled.

  • Photo: A fisherman in Vilanova i la Geltrú port (Barcelona) is throwing away the fishing nets that are not useul for him any more.
POPSICASE is a recycled plastic phone case

The networks are sorted, washed, chopped and fused in a very laborious process of transformation. The result is a 100% recycled plastic pellet that POPSICASE uses to build a handy and eco-friendly case that perfectly fits your smartphone.

  • Photo: The nylon 6 fishing nets, the pellet after the treatment, and our POPSICASE.
POPSICASE team that makes possible to create an ec-friendly case with recycled fishing nets.

And this is happily possible thanks to the collaboration of many people and entities that work together for the same goal: reduce the plastic pollution from our oceans.

  • Photo: The amazing “Recyclers Team” and the fishing nets bales behind

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