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POPSICASE affiliation program

If you share our philosofy, become an ambassador and win.

We make phone cases with a clear mission: to help people improve their relationship with their mobile devices generating a positive impact on People, Earth and Society with these premises:

1. We work towards a real CHANGE in the production and consumption system of our society and we invite our stakeholders to #Handltehchange.

2. We also work to humanize technology: people must control their devices, not the other way around.

3. We work to promote Art in all its extensiongiving opportunities to artists who are starting and collaborating in interesting projects.

4. We work to try to make Society a little more sensible with actions that tell stories and raise awareness.

If you share our philosophy and if you also like our product and would like to promote it, we invite you to participate in our affiliate program: we offer a 10% commission for each sale and a 30 day cookie duration plus a discount coupon to encourage your audience. Are you in?

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