Atlantic Naked POPSICASE

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The Atlantic Ocean is the world’s richest fishing waters and it also contains rich natural gas and oil deposits. It is the second largest ocean in the world, following only the Pacific.

POPSICASE is a recycled cover ♻️ made from fishing nets.

​🐟 We donate a part to the NGO Mission Blue Sylvia Earle Alliance
🐟 We compensate the CO2 emissions of the shipping  with the project CeroCO2 

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Sylvia Earle

For this collection, we support the NGO MISSION BLUE in its mission to preserve the oceans and biodiversity. Led by legendary oceanographer Dr. SYLVIA EARLE, Mission Blue is uniting a global coalition to inspire an upwelling of public awareness, access and support for a worldwide network of marine protected areas.

Renata Ortega artist

LOVE UNDER THE SEA collection have been proudly designed by RENA ORTEGA, an illustrator, explorer of the world and nature lover from Barcelona. Her work seeks to make people aware of the beauty of this world and its wildlife in order to protect them.

This POPSICASE is helping keep the love stories alive species of Atlantic Ocean!