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Many of you come to our website and ask us if we have models of iPhone 12, or Galaxy S20, or Huawei, or other eco-responsible brands like Fairphone

You will not find another startup in the world that has ventured, alone, to design a mold, manufacture it from scratch and inject a 100% recycled material in Barcelona

The answer we give you, always with infinite regret, is NOT YET, we do not have them, and we are still not sure in which moment we will be able to offer them to you this year. In this article we wanted to explain to you the 3 reasons why we still do not have more POPSICASE models, hoping not only that you can understand us, but also seeking your support to our initiative for which we continue working with a lot of love and energy.


1. Because we are intrepid

No matter how hard you look, you will not find another startup in the world that has ventured, alone, to design a mold, manufacture it from scratch and inject a 100% recycled material in Barcelona (not a single action in Asia). If you do it, tell us who it is because we will contact them and we will do the wave together.

And the fact is that producing a cell phone case, although it may seem a simple and trivial accessory, is a complex process that, as you can see in this article, requires the intervention of various professionals, from engineers to foundries, through fishermen, injectors, molders, or waste managers and, consequently, a strong investment in resources and time.

Read here in detail how we make POPSICASE from initial design to assembly.

If you read the article and watch the videos, it might seem that the production process of a case for any model, the iPhone 8 for example, is simple and feasible for anyone. However, there is a major stumbling block: THE MOULD, and I write it in capital letters because it is a steel behemoth weighing almost half a tonne, which can take up to 4 months to make due to its great complexity. A single phone model implies an enormous economic effort.

Can a small startup from Barcelona keep up with the frenetic pace imposed by the big phone companies with the launch of new models, investing every year in dozens of moulds? It’s not easy and that’s why we’ve decided to stop to take a breath of fresh air and tackle production in a sustainable way.


2.- Because we want to continue supporting local production.

So, whoever has a mould has a treasure, because hundreds of thousands of cases will be injected into it for those who want them. In general, most of the brands that sell mobile phone cases, even the biggest and most successful ones, have their partners-suppliers of moulds in Asia, a place where they have excellent technology and very professional people. So, when it comes to making their cases, they agree on materials and colours (NEVER on design, because the mould design is already made) and they place their orders.

POPSICASE team in the moulding factory


However, we prefer and like much more to be on the factory floor, working hand in hand with the industrialists to exchange impressions and control that each piece that comes out fits to the millimetre. Producing in Barcelona while minimising processes and energy consumption as much as possible is simply a commitment to a type of sustainable economy that appeals to common sense. And we want to continue producing in Europe, something we will only be able to do with our own moulds.


3. Because we have an exclusive, original and widely demanded design.

Making something that EVERYBODY has, is not our goal (nor is it for any company). We have designed a case with a handle that is unique in the world and is a revolutionary invention that is fervently requested from all over the world. Every day we receive messages from Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Holland, France, Germany, Belgium asking us for Original POPSICASE for almost all models. There are people who do not change their cell phone because they do not want to leave the POPSICASE AWAY.

We are aware that POPSICASE with handle is a MUST! Who uses it (myself 😏) can’t give it up. That’s why we are fighting to get support to bring it forward (POPSICASE with and without handle).


Only with your support we can make it happen. 

If you are a POPSILOVER and would like to be notified when we launch POPSICASE for other models, please click here to fill in the form.



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