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As you know, one of the most difficult challenges for a small startup like ours is to make ourselves visible and also to make visible the effort we are putting into our work. Therefore, as important as having a high quality product by carrying out circular strategies, is to know how to tell your story and create links with people or entities that act as spokespersons for the pilosophy of sustainability we promote.

And we have received the pleasant surprise of being mentioned in a very positive way by Sustainable Jungle, a great media with which we share a lot of things and whose mission is to promote positive change.

sustainiability jungle

In fact we recommend you to follow them because they share sustainability related ideas, tips, tricks, products, brands and stories about people & organisations doing meaningful work to better our planet. And their philosophy is to speak positively, without that apocalyptic sense that many media have us used to, giving solutions in a very transparent way.

Thank you Sustainable Jungle for your kindness. Let’s work for a positive change!

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