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Bright ideas often come when you’re faced with some universal problem. And POPSICASE is a brilliant idea that solves a problem that, until now, nobody had even noticed: more than 3 billion people use their smartphones every day without realising how difficult, uncomfortable and unsafe they are to handle. Whether you are walking and talking, filming, taking a photo, or watching a video, managing a device involves distorting fingers and hands in all sorts of strange ways. And, one afternoon in May 2014, we found the solution.

“Nobody knows what they need, until you show it to them”
– Steve Jobs

The story of the wooden elephant

Pablo Erlandsen, architect, sculptor and set designer, was finishing a wooden sculpture. As he worked he did what he always did, taking a photograph each time he made a little progress, to then create an animated story of his work. That day, Pablo was holding a drill with one hand, and so tried to take a picture with the other. He distorted his fingers as much as he could to reach the trigger button, but dropped his phone in the process. And that was his lightbulb moment: brilliant ideas came to his mind.  He realized that if the phone had a handle, everything would have been easier. So crucial was that afternoon, that we fictioned it here:

A case with a handle that solves a problem

After the incident with the wooden elephant, Pablo left everything he had in hand and spent hours looking for a phone case with a handle. But they didn’t exist. No one had ever had this idea. So, that same afternoon, he built one himself, brought it at home, and began to draw sketches and designs. A month later we had already patented it. And three years later we are writing this post, and offering POPSICASE to you.

Despite the awkward phone moment, Pablo finished the work, and we can’t say goodbye without showing it to you:

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