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We need to take actions to reverse climate change. The temperature of the Earth is rising and so is the temperature of the oceans. The poles are melting and sea levels are rising. The pH of the water is acidifying, deserts are becoming more deserted, hurricanes and floods are becoming more frequent, the habitat is disappearing at the rate of 5,000 football fields a day (and we are falling short), and this means that most of the species still alive on our planet are at extreme risk as pointed out by the IUCN and its fearsome “Red List”.

There is a climate crisis with irreversible effects… if we do not act.

Because we firmly believe that there is still hope. Humans can’t be that stupid, so 2020 is the decade to act. We must demand that the political class take ambitious action and legislate on it. We must demand that companies set an example and do things right. But let us not forget that it is also in our hands, at local and individual level, to continue to act with small gestures on a daily basis.Because we believe that every individual action adds up and, moreover, when it is collective, it transforms. Do you want to join us? Follow Daily Eco Challenges and take action!

Foto by Hermanshya

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