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Yes! We didn’t expect it, but here it is. On July 3, the Welcome Talent Society gave us an award in recognition of the innovation and talent that POPSICASE is bringing to sustainability. WE ARE MORE THAN HAPPY!

So was the event

Imagine the scene. Pablo and I sitting in the auditorium of the wonderful modernist enclosure of the Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona. We had been summoned the day before, with a phone call. And there, with the Catalan Government dome in the first row, after the first bars of the act,  Marta Subirà, Secretary of the Environment of the Generalitat de Catalunya, announced our name. So we went up very very pleased, to collect the award. Many thanks :)!

Talent Award

During the time I was allowed to speak, I was able to explain how hard it is to take a business forward from scratch, how complicated it is to manage personal life and business, how complex it is for many people to accept that when we make mistakes, we don’t fail, but we learn, and that falls are nothing more than steps forward. And all this is possible thanks to the energy given to us by all the people who follow our work and who, with small and big gestures, support us day by day.

Talent Awards and Joan Brossa

The statuette you see in our hands, a red T, with a key on the back, is inspired by the work of the brilliant visual catalan poet JOAN BROSSA, and is beautiful.

Talent Society

The Premis Talent is an initiative that aims to be a platform for getting to know and discovering new talents in very diverse fields,  and, at the same time, recognising personalities, institutions and consolidated companies that have stood out for contributing talent to Catalan society. These awards have four categories (Crea, Emprende, Transmmite and Honor) and we, as could not be otherwise, have collected it from EMPRENDE. And we are very proud to share the Talent Award with the prestigious biologist, and better person, Dr. Martí Boada, who recieved the Honor Award in Sustainability.


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