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We are not a large company or a multinational. We are a small group of committed and excited people who work every day to transmit a powerful message through our products; a small business and we like it.

Small business with big commitments

You know that! Our mission is not just to make cell phone cases, but it goes far beyond that. We are immersed in a circular economy movement based on the pick up of fishing nets from the sea and the constant recycling of this material. And our goal is to raise awareness about the amount of waste that is damaging our incredible seas and oceans.

Photo by Marek Okon via @Unsplash

And to be able to get this message across, we work hand in hand with other local companies with whom we also create wealth in our territory. And why are we telling you all this? Because in today’s globalized world, it is increasingly difficult for small businesses to survive… But we can do it! We do not want to fool you, the truth is that producing in a small and local way is very expensive and difficult. And bureaucratic. And sometimes maddening. But it is part of our philosophy and we want to continue like this.

The crossing of the desert of the small business

To add more fuel to the fire, we are going through an unprecedented crisis because of a bloody virus from a few months ago. Many small brands will not be able to cross that desert, and therefore YOUR SUPPORT IS VITAL, opting for small businesses. Consumers have the power to choose and it is in our hands to choose who we want to help. So, if you fall in love with a small brand, tell them. If you love their content, comment and share. And if you are crazy about their product or service, buy it.

Because every little gesture counts. Every euro you spend on your purchases counts. Buying in small businesses encourages a better distribution of wealth and is a good way to ensure that our economy is not in the hands of a few, but spread over many. Those many “little makers” of the economy who, with little investment, give everything they have every day to create special products. We know that buying from the smalls can sometimes be a little more expensive, but for this, we are committed to reducing consumption a little and choosing wisely. And if we also opt for sustainable and soulful products …  even better!

With your consumer habits you can change the world

It’s up to you. Because, in the end, with your consumer decisions, you choose what kind of world you want to live in. And many millions of small, conscious decisions can really bring about change towards a fairer, more sustainable and more environmentally and people-friendly consumption model.

Therefore, we invite you to consider this question: Is this the future we want as consumers, or do we want to be in the hands of a few people who dominate everything? We are already very clear about our choice, and you?

Many small people in small places doing small things can change the world

So, to all of you on the other side… thank you very much for your support! We want to continue being part of your future. We have many projects in mind and we count on you to keep moving forward.

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