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In the current context, where many voices in the scientific community have highlighted the importance of healthy ecosystems for our own health, what about the oceans? It is a good time to reflect on their conservation and the role that citizen science should have.

So next Thursday, June 11th, POPSICASE is invited  in the Webinar: Ocean, Society and Action: REGISTER HERE!

maria jose pedragosaWe invite you to celebrate World Oceans Day with Observers of the Sea, in a pluralistic debate to discuss the challenges that citizen science must take on in order to have an impact on marine conservation. María José Pedragosa, our co-founder, will be there exposing these 2 main ideas:

      1. That it is possible to bring science closer to the citizens as long as this is done in an enjoyable way, appealing to the emotions. It is completely legitimate to use marketing strategies to do this.

      2. The scientific community is sometimes very inbred and believes that everyone knows everything. Nothing can be taken for granted!

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