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Today we come with a very special post, because we want to tell you ALL about our new collection, LOVE UNDER THE SEA.

If you follow us in social networks, you will have seen the new models of the collection “Love Under The Sea”. They are designs made by Renata Ortega, a great illustrator from Barcelona and with whom we had a mutual crush as soon as we met. We got amazed with her illustrations and she was enthusiastic about our project, so the magic was done.

Changing the world in a positive way

We have been working for months shaping the concept of the collection and these sea-inspired designs, specifically the love stories that emerge in the depths. Because, even if we don’t see it, there’s a lot of love under the water.

Love Under the Sea Collection

Love Under the Sea Collection by Renata Ortega

What makes this collection so special is the positive message we want to convey through these illustrations.

And what’s that message? Well, there’s a lot of life and love down there, something that we have to keep alive and preserve all the beauty of our seas and oceans. So, by recycling fishing nets, we prevent many of them from ending up at the bottom of the sea, and by spreading and learning who our marine neighbors are, we will come to love and respect them. So taking care of them will become a priority. We are very happy with the result and hope you like it as much as we do!

Love Under the sea Turtles

Turtles Under the Sea

The commitment with Mission Blue

The project wasn’t completely closed if we didn’t do something “on the ground”. And that’s why we thought of giving a practical sense to each POPSICASE, so that its acquisition would really help the conservation of the seas. And we did not doubt it. We are fans of the oceanographer Sylvia Earle, for her trajectory, for her tireless work, for her commitment. And that’s why we knew that the NGO Mission Blue had to be involved in the project. So we connected with the entity’s team and spread our enthusiasm. The result is that simple. For each POPSICASE acquired, we donate a percentage to the NGO, which will use it for its conservation actions. We are extremely proud to think that we are part of its mission.

So we encourage you to visit us and tell us what you think of the new collection, what you like best and what you need. All your contributions are welcome and help us to improve. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT and see you soon!

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