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Love is the engine of EVERYTHING.

Love is GIVING without expecting anything in return.

Love is RESPECT for what surrounds us and for ourselves.

Love is awakening emotions through ART.

We could keep adding qualifiers, and we’d never finish. Because in fact love, although it is a very abstract concept, can be materialized in a multitude of small things: smiles, flowers, melodies, caresses, silences, cakes, bees, looks, trees, stories, hugs, whales, mountains, dances, tears, paintings… Love is everywhere and in all people, always guiding our existence and that of those around us.

A positive art space to express what love is

In POPSICASE we make recycled covers that tell stories. So from that idea we have conceived LOVE 360, a space of collective creation that uses the force of love as raw material to tell a story that, if the public wishes, we can materialize in a POPSICASE.

If you are thinking of participating send us an email to sara@popsicase.com and we will tell you how to do it.

First LOVE 360º Competition with EINA artists

For the launch of the space we invited young artists from EINA (University Center of Design and Art of Barcelona) to capture their particular vision of love in our covers. During three months they worked on the concept and the result is these beautiful POPSICASES that we will make real after a close vote.

Have a look at them and enjoy!

Love 360 collection

Our Love 360 POPSICASE collection

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