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How to preserve the environment from your bathroom

There is a common misconception which says that governments and big companies are the only ones who must act “to save the planet”. However, as we have been aiming since we were born as a company, we are the ones who have to change in an individual way, to see the changes that we want for this world. Fortunately there are companies that help us to move forward in those changes. We became fans of some of those brands and we want to talk about them:). We will start by telling you how to contribute to preserving the environment from one of the places we daily use: THE BATHROOM

There are companies that help us reduce the huge amount of plastic that contaminates our soils and seas without sacrificing our daily personal hygiene.

1- Brush your teeth with an eco-touch

Picture from Naturbrush

Today, only in the United States, 850 million toothbrushes are discarded and end up in landfill every single year. We are talking about the typical toothbrush sold in most supermarkets and drugstores in the world, made of plastic. However, one of them already has a positive impact on the environment. That is the reason why we are always on the lookout for other alternatives, like NaturBrush. Those eco-friendly toothbrushes help to reduce waste in our environment by using thoughtfully sourced materials. They are made of biodegradable bamboo, available in different sizes for little ones and grown-ups. So we recommend you to buy a NaturBrush, but not only for a personal use, but also as a gift or as a nod to help raise awareness about environmental problems 🙂


2- Goodbye liquid shampoo, Hello shampoo bars that save 25% more energy (among other things) 

Did you know that the carbon footprint of liquid shampoo is 25% larger than shampoo in bar form on a per-wash basis? Liquid shampoo also needs 5 times more energy to produce and can use 20 times more packaging.  Shampoo bars could replace the 552 million shampoo bottles we throw out annually. In our search for eco-friendly products, we believe that using shampoo bar from Lush would be a good gesture for the environment and would contribute to the preservation of our beloved planet.

Solid, packaging-free and travel-friendly, shampoo bar is revolutionary. You’ll make your hair and your planet happier by using it!



3- Good for your bum, great for the world!


100% recycled toilet paper from Who gives a crap is made with environmentally friendly materials. Toilet paper is wrapped in a free plastic paper, another zero waste friendly alternative to regular toilet paper that comes in a plastic wrap. The rolls come in a cardboard box, wrapped in paper, with a carboard core, and no other packaging.  We think it is a very interesting concept, as we barely hear about recycled toilet paper and yet this is a product that we daily use!



When you know that it takes about 384 trees to make the toilet paper that one man uses within his lifetime, better use recycled paper 🙂

Tree should be for hugging, not wiping

You know what makes the brand even cooler?  Who gives a crap is a brand which, like us, is involved in social projects as the company makes donations to help built toilets in places for those in need. We feel it is very important not only have an eco-friendly product, but also a brand with values and which takes actions for the environment. 


4–  Smell good, protect your skin and your planet

“79% of people in the UK have bought deodorant as part of their weekly shopping. That’s around fifty million people, and, when you think about how many deodorants are packaged in plastic or aerosols, it isn’t hard to imagine the damage it could cause.” LUSH

Same as shampoo bars, Lush’s solid deodorant enables you to preserve the environment, which is very important for us. They also are good for your skin as they are aluminum-free. The key to those deodorants is that they all contain powerful essential oils that perfume the skin for lasting effect.

Here some examples of deodorant you can find in Lush:


Dare to make a change? We are!