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Black Friday is the day of exacerbated and animal consumption. We are assailed with offers so tempting that most people can not avoid buying many more things than usual, although we do not need them. It is difficult to escape from this commercial vortex, but with a little effort, it is possible to stand up and simply reason about what happens this day to try to reach a responsible and sustainable consumption.

Consumers have the strength to transform society based on the decisions we make. Also with purchase decisions.

For us, the concept of GREEN FRIDAY not only has that ECO connotation that everyone reads between the lines, but also aims to encourage people who visit us to buy differently, and be more critical, freer and more happy What are we talking about?.

1.- To consume in excess does not give happiness

We live submerged in advertising messages. We advertise ourselves so you can learn what we do. But the big and powerful corporations invest a lot of resources so that, imbibed in this downgrading climax, we make decisions almost unconsciously, so that we accumulate a lot of objects around us. But we are wrong if we believe that makes us happy. And to show a button: look at the following graph which shows that the happiness index in the United States between 1972 and 2012 remained stable, although GDP would have increased.

*From the book JM Galí – CONSUMICIDIO

2.- The excess of objects implies an accumulation of waste

The purchase by impulse makes us accumulate objects that not only block the energy of the spaces (the Feng Shui recommends not to do it), but represents a huge wave of packaging and waste that just now, immersed in a moment of contamination of the planet, are an added problem.

Cuanto más se compra, más se deshecha

The more you buy, the more you waste (photo Ayayay TV)

3.- Betting on sustainable brands helps.

Those of us who favor the Green Friday call attention to generally small brands, which are nourished by the local sector to produce, although this is less profitable, and which tend to have a high social and ecological awareness.

We are in this sector and the road is not easy, because the resources of small companies are small too. But since we were born we knew that we did not just want to SELL MOBILE PHONES, but we are aware of the deep responsibility we have as MANUFACTURERS and as COMMUNICATORS. That’s why we bet to join the activism in favor of the cleanliness of the seas, which little by little we are loading filling them with garbage, and that’s why we are also writing this post :).

There are many brands like us, who want to contribute their bit in the issue of recycling, reuse and responsible consumption and it is precisely these days, when we have to make our way of thinking visible and invite everyone to, as minimum, reflect on the subject.

If you buy a POPSICASE this week, that is because it is one of the most revolutionary, beautiful, comfortable and sustainable cases in the world, because it will change the way you relate to your mobile phone, and because you have read this article carefully and have plenty of time to think 😉

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