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We had announced it a month ago: we are working on 100% biodegradable iPhone covers that degrade in less than a year. The news is that today we are launching DISCOVER, our first 100% biodegradable and compostable cover that aims to increase public awareness of the most important and most endangered plant in the Mediterranean: Posidonia Oceánica; and we do so with the help of Observadores del Mar, an initiative of the CSIC. But, how do we collaborate?

The concept: Posidonia as a key specie that cares for us and needs to be known and preserved

It is not easy to find people who know that Posidonia is responsible for the transparency of the sea waters, the greatest ally against climate change, the habitat of thousands of species, or a natural barrier to preserve the sand on the beaches. Although its importance is vital, alarms have been raised for some years about its increasing disappearance. Boat anchors, trawling and the increase in water temperature due to climate change are the most common causes. How can we preserve it? The first step is to publicize its importance.

posidonia oceanica

Posidonia Oceanica – foto de Marcel Gubern

One of the most difficult actions of scientists is to be able to explain to society what they see every day. In POPSICASE we have the will to act as a spokesperson for everything they do to make it public. Because their work is important. We were in Blanes doing an interview with Teresa Alcoverro, Vice Director of the Center for Advanced Studies in Blanes of the CSIC and expert in the protection of Posidonia Oceanica. Listen to her, and you will get convinced of the extreme importance of POSIDONIA.

In addition, when a person buys a Posidonia POPSICASE, he or she does not only automatically receive a mini guide to learn about and help preserve the Posidonia, but is also donating 1% of the value of the purchase to Seawatchers, , a Citizen Science project promoted by the Institute of Marine Sciences, which brings together up to 30 research projects on the marine environment and invites anyone to get involved and find evidence that is beyond the reach of the scientific community.

The result: A turquoise coloured case, protective, flexible and soft to the touch

Discover POPSICASE is a case available in turquoise tones (light and dark) that protects the screen and the phone from all 4 sides. It is also resistant to any kind of shock and extremely pleasant to touch, because the final material is not completely uniform. It is on sale from today at www.popsicase.com for 25 euros.

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