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Posidonia light | Biodegradable iPhone X/XS case


  • 100% biodegradable & compostable
  • Full protection
  • Take Back Certificate for Full Recovery 
  • Supporting Sea Watchers and Posidonia Research
  • Compensating CO2 emissions in Amazonia
  • Thank you in advance for supporting our project!

Posidonia is like the trees in the forest, but in the sea. It is responsible for making the water transparent, it is the home of many sea creatures, and it is ESSENTIAL for marine life. Can you imagine a forest without trees? Neither can we imagine a sea without Posidonia. Learn more about how to take care of it.

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CLEAN & FAST SHIPPING. We compensate the CO2 emissions of your shipping in Amazonia CeroCO2. VISIT THE PROJECT!

There are HUMANS BEHIND this. You will recieve support before, during and after the purchase.

100% biodegradable iPhone case

The material from which these Posidonia POPSICASE are made comes from plants such as corn, cassava, sugar cane or beet which capture and sequester CO2, transforming it into long chain polylactic acid (PLA) sugar molecules that can be fermented by microorganisms. As a result, this material is not only biodegradable in nature, but it is also compostable and degrades within a certain amount of time under certain conditions.

how does plastic biodegrade
Returnable product

Product with Take Back Certificate

POPSICASE is a Revivack certified brand that guarantees that you can send this phone case to us for 100% recovery.

Are you a POPSI owner and are not using it any more👇🏽?

If you plant this cover, it disappears completely within one year. Look!

DISCOVER POPSICASE is an iPhone case that fully protects your phone and is very flexible.

Biodegradable phone case

DISCOVER the Key Stories that Make up our Lives

Seed POPSICASE Collection are biodegradable phone covers that show the secrets of the most important and threatened species in the world: Bees, Coral, Posidonia, Elephants and Rainforrests. 

What does POSIDONIA have that makes it so essential for life?

  1. It is a large carbon sink and contributes to mitigating climate change.
  2. It is a refuge and breeding ground for more than 1,500 animal and plant species.
  3. Are natural environmental filters and contribute to clean and transparent water.
    Oxygenate the water, which is essential for life.
  4. Help to ensure that beaches do not run out of sand.
  5. It is the longest living being on the planet.
  6. Some are over 100,000 years old!
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