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BCN Alba | Recycled iPhone XS Max case by Philip Stanton


“Barcelona is the city that shouts, that moves, that fights and that falls in love. Irene Polo

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Other POPSICASE from the Barcelona x Stanton Collection

Philip Stanton in his Studio

Philip Stanton, the artist in love with Barcelona

Philip Stanton, is an American creative director, illustrator, designer, university professor and visual artist, based in Barcelona since 1988. Stanton fell in love with the city more than thirty years ago and found it to be the perfect mix: it is big but not that big, it has sea and also mountains, it attracts people to escape to wonderful places, it gives off creativity and above all: it inspires.

This eco-friendly iPhone case has been made from 100% recycled fishing nets

Thanks to the NET VIVA program, POPSICASE recovers fishing nets and transforms them into a flexible material from which it makes the cell phone case you see.

Girls from Arrels Fundació


In Barcelona, a thousand people sleep in the streets every night. Barcelona x Stanton collaborates with Fundació Arrels, an entity that has been accompanying and offering useful services to homeless people for more than 30 years.!

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