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Press Release – May 2020

POPSICASE, phone cases made from fishing nets that are continually recycled without generating waste.


POPSICASE, the phone case made out of fishing nets, has launched an initiative that consists of collecting used cases and reusing all the material to make new ones. A process of circular economy never seen before.


POPSICASE is a start-up company located in Barcelona that creates phone cases with two fundamental characteristics: its 100% recycled raw material from waste such as disused fishing nets and aluminum scrap, and it’s worldwide patented folding handle system. )

Determined to implement a sustainable economic model by eliminating waste and the continuous use of resources, POPSICASE is launching POPCYCLING, a call to action that consists of encouraging the recycling of their own used covers to completely reuse their material and make new POPSICASE, showing that a system of production and consumption based on the circular economy is possible and setting a precedent in the responsible use of plastics.


Fishing nets as a raw material for manufacturing objects

Fishing nets are constantly being renewed. Until very recently these nets, mostly made of nylon, were thrown into garbage containers and treated as waste, increasing the pollution of our soils and seas. Now, however, these nets are collected in ports on the Catalan coast and are washed, classified, cut up, melted and converted into a resistant material, a 100% recycled polymer that we have named NET VIVA.


POPCYCLING or shredding the old cover to make a new one without generating waste

But the process doesn’t end here. The NET VIVA material, like many other plastics, does not degrade with use and can be reused as a raw material for other uses. María José Pedragosa, co-founder of the startup comments: “We saw that there were people who bought a POPSICASE for another model of phone, which meant that they had to throw away the previous one. We researched and verified that it was entirely possible to reuse the material of the used cases by mixing it at a percentage of 20% with the “virgin” polyamide already coming from fishing nets. So we offered our “Popsilovers” a 25% discount on new POPSICASE if they sent us their old cover by mail. Our surprise has been that people have responded very well because we have already received more than 100 in a month.  The company’s objective is to be an example in this type of process and to demonstrate that companies can promote the production and responsible use of plastics. The process is shown in a video here:



The entire production process that we have explained to you can be seen in this diagram:

circular economy process

circular economy process

Other features of POSICASE

  • POPSICASE is the only Eco-Friendly mobile phone case with an integrated handle that makes it easy to use, and is internationally patented.
  • POPSICASE works to reduce its ecological footprint by offsetting its CO2 emissions or by carrying out environmental awareness campaigns.
  • POPSICASE has launched collections, such as Love under the Sea, that support different sea conservation organizations.


Contact with POPSICASE

If you wish to connect with us, learn more about any of the aspects we have presented to you, enter or simply use POPSICASE, do not hesitate to contact us:


María José Pedragosa
t. +34 629 04 91 00

All graphic and textual information is here: http://tiny.cc/6j0koz

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