POPSYCLING, Real Circular Economy


Yes! Your POPSICASE can become a new POPSICASE and you get a 25% discount in a new one.

How can you be part of the process and recieve a 25% discount code?

1.- Put your POPSICASE in an envelope and send it to us

Write our address on a paper envelope, and send it to us:

Rocafort 12 08015 Barcelona (Spain)

*  The only expense you’ll have will be the postage stamp. We hope, soon, to be able to give you an alternative delivery system.

2.- Send us a signal and we send you a code discount by e-mail

Don’t wait until we recieve the old POPSICASE. Write to hola@popsicase.com sending us any signal (the track number, or a picture of your POPSI inside the envelope) and we will send you back the 25% discount personal code to buy a new one.

3.- We will transform your old POPSI in a new one

We can crush your Retired POPSICASE and mix the material with the recycled one. And inject it again on our moulds to make new POPSICASE 🙂