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POPSICASE Bewertungen

Deine Meinung ist für uns sehr wichtig. Wir sind daran interessiert, von deinen Erfahrungen und deinen Gefühlen zu hören, wenn du einen POPSICASE erhältst und benutzt, denn das ermutigt uns, weiterzumachen, leitet uns und hilft uns zu verstehen, wie wir uns verbessern können.

Seit 2 Jahren sammeln wir mit der Trusted Shops Plattform Ihr Feedback. Heute präsentieren wir sie hier auf unserer Website, so wie sie von denjenigen geschrieben wurden, die POPSICASE benutzt haben. Möchtest du eine Bewertung abgeben? Lies und lass es hier.

He comprado esta funda porque me han gustado los principios de la marca y porque se trata de una funda biodegradable hecha con Posidonia y al ser yo una educadora ambiental me ha enamorado.



13/12/2022, 12:17

Very happy with my Popsicase!
I was looking for a case that didn’t contribute more to our global plastic problem. I had tried compostible cases in the past and found they formed a weird texture that collected dirt and felt unpleasant to touch after a couple months. I found popsicase, loved the design (i got the arctic ice one!) and ordered it. My new phone then arrived way faster than expected, so I contacted customer service and changed to expedited shipping. The staff were super friendly, responsive and helpful! I’ve now had the case for almost 3 months and I“m super happy with it. Feels nice in your hand, easy to get on and off but also quite protective. Would definitely recommend!



09/12/2022, 17:05

Beautiful case, fast delivery. Everything perfect and fine!


26/11/2022, 09:07

+ Excellent quality
+ Very very friendly
+ absolutely sustainable
I was very happy ! Thank you!


10/11/2022, 10:22

Great product. wonderful customer service. Fshipping and delivery. All around beautifull!


25/10/2022, 10:25

Me encanta el diseño y valoro muchísimo que esté hecha de material reciclado. Y además, cuando la quiera cambiar, la puedo devolver y la reutilizaran para hacer otra. Así deberian hacer todas las marcas!


03/10/2022, 10:09

Perfect case, great team and service. It is not only sustainable because it is made with recyclad material, but I also like the fact that the Popsicase people think of the take back of the product at the end of its life, avoiding waste!


03/10/2022, 10:09



10/09/2022, 11:00

I LOVE the fact that the these cases are made from gathered ocean plastic. No virgin plastic! That’s why we had these shipped across the Atlantic Ocean even tho that’s not sustainable….
Anyway, I love the options, the artist contributions and the decision to switch gears and make less. Unfortunately, I dropped my phone about 3 weeks after I got my case. A chunk broke out of the edge protecting the face and some extra dings here and there. It has battle scares for sure.


17/08/2022, 10:30

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