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Posidonia Seed POPSICASE


By supporting us you can aid for the preservation of one of the most threatened and necessary species for the well-being of our seas. It has been taking care of us for millions of years, now is our time to return the favor.

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A 100% biodegradable POPSICASE

Seed POPSICASE is a biodegradable phone case made out of a material that can be degraded by microorganisms within 1-year, and returns to nature in a real sense; its atoms become part of the carbon cycle of Earth’s ecology.

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What does POSIDONIA have that makes it so essential for life?

  • It is a large carbon sink and contributes to mitigating climate change.

  • It is a refuge and breeding ground for more than 1,500 animal and plant species.

  • They are natural environmental filters and contribute to clean and transparent water.

  • They oxygenate the water, which is essential for life.

  • They help to ensure that beaches do not run out of sand.

  • It is the longest living being on the planet. Some are over 100,000 years old.


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iPhone 11, iPhone 7 / 8 / new SE, iPhone X – XS, iPhone XR


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