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A simple case that protects your iPhone from the unexpected and will completely change the relationship you have with it. Get a 10% discount with the code POPSI-iPhone6

* Only available for iPhone 6 and made with ABS

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 An iPhone 6 case with a handle: a simple, but revolutionary innovation

POPSICASE is a globally-patented invention that is unique in the world.

With the folding handle, POPSICASE becomes a conventional iPhone case that lets you keep your smartphone safe just like any other case. However, when you need more safety and balance, simply slide the handle out, hold it, and maneuver the iPhone better.

POPSICASE, the iPhone 6 case with a handle


Pink is as sweet as cotton candy,
as a strawberry milkshake with whipped cream and icing.

It’s childish and large, it has bright eyes and a soft small smile.

Pink is tender and delicate.It is loving, it makes you feel better with its hugs.

It is intense understanding and empathy.

It is feminine, strong and immensely sensitive.

Pink can also be deep, passionate and full of energy.

A creative and shocking whirlwind of illusion.

It is scandalous at times for its erotic tenderness.

Pink is a charm.


FONT: “SOURCE: “Psychology of color: how colors act on feelings and reason” – Author: Eva Heller”