Sunset peach


A simple case that protects your iPhone from the unexpected and will completely change the relationship you have with it. Get a 10% discount with the code POPSI-iPhone6

* Only available for iPhone 6 and made with ABS (not recycled)


 Adding a phone handle to a case: a simple, but revolutionary innovation

POPSICASE is a globally-patented invention that is unique in the world.

With the folding handle, POPSICASE becomes a conventional iPhone case that lets you keep your smartphone safe just like any other case. However, when you need more safety and balance, simply slide the handle out, hold it, and maneuver the iPhone better.

POPSICASE, the iPhone 6 case with a handle

popsicase orange handle the stress


Orange is the clear sky that allows us to dream of the impossible.

Orange is freedom.

It is the penetrating gaze of unnatural perfection.

Orange is nice, faithful and symmetrical. It is the almost cold and distant balance. It is sometimes the inhuman ice.

Orange is rest, peaceful, passive and introverted.

Orange is reason. It is intelligence and concentration. It is always practical.

It is the infinite ocean full of life, nuances and strength.

Blue is the distance, the vastness and the big. The desired but inaccessible.

Orange is unattainable.

So, are you blue?

FONT: “SOURCE: “Psychology of color: how colors act on feelings and reason” – Author: Eva Heller”

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Eco-friendly cases with a handle for iPhone 6-6s-7-8 and PLUS

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