The bright blue Caribbean Sea stretches out for all to see. There are around 1,000 documented species of fish, 90 species of mammals and 500 species of reptiles living in this incredible sea.

POPSICASE is a 100% recycled cover ♻️ with a handle, made from fishing nets and scrap aluminium.

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Caribean POPSICASE is helping keep the love stories alive of these species!


✔️These roly-poly herbivores just may be the cows of the sea. In fact, they are occasionally called sea cows, as they are slow plant-eaters, peaceful and similar to cows on land. They often graze on water plants in tropical seas.

❗️Today, manatees are considered vulnerable due to a variety of threats they are facing including boat collisions, hunting, habitat destruction and toxic red tides.

Common Spiny Lobster

✔️ Did you know that when the spiny lobster is threatened by a predator, it flexes its tail to escape backwards and emits a loud rasping sound? The sound is produced using a stick-slip method, like a violin.

❗️ Today the common spiny lobster is considered vulnerable with a decreasing population, due to over-exploitation by fisheries.

Hawksbill Turttle

✔️ Hawksbill turtles look like hawks. They are named for their long, narrow head and their hawk-like beak.

❗️ Like many sea turtles, hawksbills are a critically endangered species due mostly to human activities. Hawksbill eggs are still eaten around the world despite the turtle’s international protected status, and they are often killed for their flesh and their stunning shells.


✔️ One thing fascinating about  startfishes is that most of them can regenerate damaged parts or lost arms and they can shed arms as a means of defense

❗️ These beautiful marine creatures face constant threats, due to the reduction of coral reef habitat, pollution, and marked changes in water temperature.

recycled iphone case


Fishing nets are constantly being renewed. Until very recently these nets, mostly made from nylon, were thrown into garbage containers and treated as waste, increasing the contamination of our land and seas. Thanks to the collaboration of people like the Fisherman’s Guild, these nets are now being collected for POPSICASE, which means less pollution and less waste.


phone case with a handle

Get a phone grip with POPSICASE, your case with a handle

POPSICASE is simple but revolutionary innovation, a globally-patented invention that is unique in the world.

With the folding handle, POPSICASE becomes a conventional iPhone case that lets you keep your smartphone safe just like any other case. However, when you need more safety and balance, simply slide the handle out, hold it, and maneuver the iPhone better.

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