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How much of a selfie poser are you?

Are you capable of leaning out of a high speed train to get the right angle for your selfie? Would you prise open a shark’s jaw for the perfect selfie? Is your Instagram account full of pretty landscapes? Or do all your fabulous photos turn your friends and enemies green with envy? Try this POPSIquiz and discover it!

1. You're at a family get-together and it's time to immortalise the moment. You're the person who..

2. Your neighbour has a cat and although you're not that keen on cats, this one is adorable. One day you go to her house and the cat falls happily asleep on your lap. A beautiful moment. What do you do?

3 - Your favourite star is in the city and by pure chance you meet him or her in the street. Incredible! What's your next move?

4. You're on a catamaran trip on the South Seas. Suddenly the captain tells you to look overboard: a family of whales is swimming along next to you! You need to capture this magical moment. You...

5. You're having a beer with a friend and having such a great time that you decide to take a picture of this special moment together. You get your phone out and take five selfies of you both making funny faces. You look at them later and there's one where you look gorgeous but your poor friend looks terrible. What do you do?

6. Romantic selfie moment. You and your partner have just enjoyed a beautiful candlelit dinner together. You want to remember this moment forever, so you...

7. You've just had a fabulous afternoon with a group of friends. You all decide to take a group photo and you're the designated photographer. You get your phone out and..

8. You're doing a tour of a medieval castle with two friends. You climb to the highest battlement and look out at an incredible view. The sun is perfectly positioned for a group selfie, but since the walls are so high you need to hold the phone in the air to get in the scene behind you. You...

How much of a selfie poser are you?
You're pure authenticity!

Posing just isn't your thing. You do what you want when you want, and you don't particularly care what other people think or say about you. Every now and again you take a photo of a special moment you want to remember, but it doesn't occur to you to share it on social media. And, so what? Congratulations! Keep living your life just as you are.
You share straight from the heart

You're adventurous, outgoing and spontaneous, and you're 100% connected to the world around you. You live your life intensely and when you're having a great time or feeling especially moved by something, your impulse is to share the moment with friends (even if your photos aren't always so great). You don't post that often because you don't want to overwhelm your friends. Yours is true social sharing and it seems pretty healthy to us.
You love to share but you manage your image carefully

Let's be honest, you love to pose but you only show the best bits. Some parts of your life make you very happy and you show that side freely, enjoying the support and approval you get from other people. But you steer well clear of things that bother you or that you don't quite dare to share. We think you're probably fabulous just as you are and that you don't need to worry about making your life seem perfect. Our advice is that you take a day off sometimes and just enjoy being yourself.
You want the world to know everything about you

You love to pose! it comes naturally to you and it reaffirms you as a person. You intuitively know how to put your whole self unashamedly out there, and you feel great about it. We think you should take a break from time to time and just check that your public persona is a faithful representation of the real you. And if it is, then good for you! You are posing personified.

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