Recycle you POPSICASE and get 40 OFF
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What do you do when you no longer use your POPSICASE? Recycle it and get a 40% discount on a new

Have you changed your smartphone and can not use POPSICASE anymore? Can not find anyone to pass it on? Two years have passed and your POPSI already has traces of multiple experiences and you want to take a new cover? We want to extend the life cycle of your POPSICASE and we invite you to contribute. Your collaboration is essential and that’s why we want to compensate you by giving you a 40% discount on the purchase of a next POPSICASE.

What steps should you do to recycle your POPSI and get a 40% discount?

  • Separate the handle from the cover
  • Go to a plastic and metal recycling bin
  • Take a picture of the moment you deposit your POPSICASE in the container
  • Send it to us at
  • Within a few hours we will send you the 40% discount code.

And that’s it. By doing this, you are contributing to strengthen the circular economy, and make the waste again serve to build other tools that serve more people without leaving an ecological footprint on our beloved Earth :).