„We apologize for not having invented it earlier!“


Hola! We’re María José and Pablo, and we live in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Pablo, who is an artist and sculptor, was in his studio one day, trying (and failing) to take a photo of his work with one hand. He thought that a phone case with a handle would solve his problem and set about building a prototype. When he showed me his invention, I thought it was so brilliant that he should patent it. And so POPSICASE was born. It’s now patented worldwide, and made 100% in sunny Barcelona.

Infused with our love of the beachside lifestyle and our desire to take care of the planet, POPSICASE is made from recycled fishing nets used in the Mediterranean Sea.

Some ideas just demand to be brought to life. They buzz around your head and keep you awake at night because you know they really matter. They’re the ideas that take passion and conviction and they’re the ones that are always worth the journey. That’s what POPSICASE is for us.