Beautiful projects are born from the passion and the conviction that, the idea that does not let you sleep, will revolutionize the world. And Pablo Erlandsen, architect and sculptor by profession, came up with the idea of POPSICASE when he had a hard time taking a picture with one hand. He thought that adding a handle to a case would solve that problem, so he built a prototype, and he showed it to me. The invention seemed so incredibly revolutionary to me that I encouraged Pablo to patent the invention.

Today it is protected worldwide, we have built an excellent team, and we are manufacturing it in Barcelona for you, printing on POPSICASE our philosophy of life, that means, taking care of the environment and playing a responsible role in our society.

Pablo Erlandsen y María José Pedragosa, co-founders of POPSICASE



“We believe that human beings should master technology and not be swayed by it”.

We want to help you manage your phone, not just physically, but also in how you use technology.

POPSICASE, the eco-friendly iPhone 7 case with a handle

“Earth is not an inheritance from our parents but a loan from our children.”

Under this historical premise we work tirelessly to minimize our ecological footprint in all processes of production, transportation and communication.

POPSICASE, the eco-friendly iPhone 7 case with a handle

We are active players in this society and we get involved

We are aware of our responsibility, as manufacturers, advertisers, economic managers and social actors.

Eco-friendly iPhone 7 case with a handle

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POPSICASE comes, at the moment in 8 colours. Discover the story behind each one, and choose yours. 

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