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Handle your pictures and videos

You do not need a selfie stick to take a picture at any time carrying extra gear. POPSICASE is the case with a slide-out handle that helps you keep the mobile firm and grab him better.


Handle your conversations

Having a long conversation with a POPSICASE in with your iPhone6 is unparalleled. The handle of our case prevents the overheating of your smartphone in your hand.

Popsicase white Iphone 6

Handle your readings

It is a relaxing moment, you begin to read, but after a long time your wrist gets tired and the phone overheats. Adding a handle to the case of your iPhone6 is the most convenient solution.


POPSICASE iPhone6 case with handle blue

Handle with one hand

Who has not had to use the smartphone while you have the other hand busy? We came up with the idea of POPSICASE one day, when we had to take a picture with one hand and …  the smartphone fell down.


Handle your smartphone

Do not let your iPhone6 control you. POPSICASE is the case with a foldaway handle that helps you keep the mobile firm and grab him better.


Handle your agenda

Take the iPhone 6 out of your pocket, slide the handle of POPSICASE, instinctively grab it with your hand and write. The difference is remarkable!


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